Time Warp

All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 42''
Maximum weight: 700 lbs
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Welcome to Time Warp: The world’s first behemoth bowl ride!

Prepare to slide into the portal and drop into the great unknown.  What's around the corner? Nobody knows!  Come experience the Time Warp for a thrill that is sure to rock your world!

This wide water slide is perfect for a family of up to 4 people.  Enjoy the experience as a group on this raft ride and prepare for your next adventure.  Be ready: you’re in for a special trip that will take you out of this world and back in time!  Adding water, this is much better than a regular time machine!

Noah’s Ark Water Park is the home of the Time Warp. This is the world’s first behemoth bowl waterslide that throws time through a loop!   With dips and spins, sight is limited by the closed slide.  With a missing sense, it's a big surprise to discover what's coming up next as you hear rushing water all around.  Go with the flow and let the raft carry you far away into another dimension. 

Suddenly, you’ll sense a change!  Winding your way through the dark tunnels until the raft drops into the behemoth bowl.  The raft will take you on gravity-defying spins up high on the walls.  You will spiral around and around until you at last reach the point of no return and you go back to the present with a final drop into a pool. 

With two to four riders, the maximum combined weight is 700 lbs. The minimum height requirement is 42”.

If you want to escape for a little bit, jump in and take a ride on the Time Warp!

Perhaps the family needs an alternative option for a fun family slide? Congo Bongo has no height requirement if children can sit by themselves in the five-person raft.  It’s another fun adventure you won’t like to miss!

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